The Beauty of Being Pregnant

I love shooting images of pregnant women. I think it is due to the awesome transformation that is taking place, the "glow" that pregnant women get and the overall aesthetic of a woman, heavy with child. The curves of the belly and knowing there is a little person in there soon to join this world, fills my heart to be around. 
These shots are from a recent session I did with a soon to be Mom and Dad who wish to remain anonymous. I must say that Mom looks wonderful! Her belly is gorgeous, her skin is flawless and her glow is full of joy and fills the room when she walks in. Mom is probably about to give birth any moment now, and I wish her and Dad all the best as they prepare to bring their first child into the world.
I hope to be able to capture baby's first moments here on Earth really soon!

All the best to you three!

I am really digging the subtle color tones in this image.

Mom and Dad sending love to the little one.

The heart of Mom's hands with the strength of Dad's.

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