Miss Lilliana Lula Garrett

Yesterday I had the privilege to spend some time with Miss Lilliana Lula Garrett at Lake Louise in Weaverville. Say that 5 times, fast! :)
Miss Lilli is an adventurous little girl who loves to climb, feed the ducks and go down the slide, which is what made Lake Louise park perfect for our shoot. The weather cooperated wonderfully and though it was a little chilly at first, the sun kept us warm as followed Miss Lilli from the swings to the slide, to the ducks, to the rocks and back to the bouncy bridge with a ride on a springy turtle in between. Miss Lilli, or "Lill Bit" as her Dad called her (which was one of the sweetest things) showed no fear and she ran back and forth on the play structure, looking over the edge at the sliding pole and keeping me, Mom and Grandma on our toes as we attempted to keep up with her energy.
I had a wonderful time starting my morning out with this energetic little girl and I hope that I get to see her again soon!
Hope you enjoy a couple of these images from yesterday monring!
Swingin' Lilli - her blue eyes are so beautiful!

We laughed as it looked like Lilli was imitating the Duck's walk, too cute!

Adventurous Lilli climbing up the play structure. The 2 front teeth + the blond hair + the blue eyes... that is one cute little girl.

Lilli goes for a ride. I love the side lighting on this shot.


Face Book!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update before I depart for the weekend.
Jon Leidel Photography now has a Face Book Business page. You can search for Jon Leidel Photography on Face Book, or try this link. Once you find the page, become a fan and post something to the wall. I have started a discussion as well, so add your .02 cents to the topic.

Hope to see you all out there soon!



Roxanne and Michael

Whew! I just realized that I have not lifted my head form the computer in a couple of days. I have had so much going on between photography, Journeymen Asheville's movie screening and my life outside of my studio that things are zipping by. It is 70 degrees outside and I am sitting here editing... kind of sad. I am going to get out of here and take the quadrapet out for a spin, she will like that.
Before I leave, I thought I would post some images from the surprise wedding I attended in Charlotte 2 weekends ago.
Roxanne and Michael decided that instead of dealing with the stresses of a "regular" marriage, that they would elope at their own engagement party. So...
They invited 150 people to their engagement party at the Levine Museum in Charlotte. All of them showed up and I think a couple brought friends :). Micheal took the mic on stage and thanked everyone for coming and addressed the rumor that Roxanne and he were already married by stating that indeed, they were not yet married... AND... they are getting married in 20 minutes, so sit tight!
Once the news washed over the crowd, they applauded jumped up and down and had wonderful looks of disbelief.
The bride and groom rushed out of the room, went into back rooms to get changed while the staff of the museum took out cocktail tables, brought in 160 chairs and set up an aisle.
Now starts the fun for yours truly. So, I knew this was going on before hand and that didn't make my job any easier. I was running around like the proverbial chicken! I had 20 minutes to capture the essence of the groom, groomsmen and Michael's Dad
changing into their suits, plus capturing the bride changing into her gown with her bridesmaids. WHEW! Stairmaster... who needs one?! :)
Roxanne and Michael came back in and got married, went upstiars for the quickest wedding party shots ever done, the staff rushed out the chairs, brought in the band and partied for several hours.
Everyone had the time of the life... Roxanne looked beautiful, Michael had a smile on his face all night and bothe of their parents got down and boogied a little on the dance floor.
I certinaly feel that if I can shoot in those circumstances, I can shoot anything, anywhere, anytime!
Here are a couple of images from the wedding... I hope you enjoy them.

The Beautiful Bride

The ladies in the world's fastest wedding party shoot.

Gettin' down!

The happy couple on the dance floor

Roxanne looks like Sophia Loren here...

Michael feeling supported by his fellas.

A wonderful sparkler departure.