Having a blast at Hatch fest

I am sitting here at Hatch Festival learning about social networking
and decided to take a pic and blog it. How great is technology?
Artists teaching artists. This is how life should be all the time.


The Muscarella Family

Hello All -
A little while ago (in February... see blog) I had the privilege of taking pictures of a wonderful pregnant woman who let my friend Gabriel Shaffer paint here belly to look like the earth... we called her Earth Momma. Well, as the Earth tends to do, she gave birth... to a beautiful little boy named Leif.
Today, Leif, his big sister Kaia and his Mom and Dad came by the studio to take some pictures. I simply love the opportunity to take pictures of children before the join this world and then be able to shoot images of them soon after their arrival, it is a real blessing to have that connection to my clients, to children and the human experience as a whole.
Leif is one happy, little (well not so little for 8 weeks) man. He is very chill, not very fussy and comfortable in front of people. Basically, he made my job easy.
I loved getting some time with just Maria (mom) and Leif in front of the camera, the bond between Mother and child is so beautiful to behold and I love being able to capture it.
After we got some of the Mom and son shots in the can, we had an opportunity to shoot a couple of images of the whole family and they performed like old pros! Even big sister Kaia got some time with Leif by herself.
Thanks so much to the Muscarella's for stopping by and allowing me to be a part of their family!

Hope you enjoy the images...

The look of love on Maria's face melts my heart!

I think Leif is actually giggling at me.

The Muscarella's!

Kaia and Leif... it is so obvious how much this big sister loves her new little brother. Too sweet.


Sedona Arizona

Just got back from 5 days in Sedona, Arizona supporting the Boys To Men International Mentoring Network's chapter there. I had a wonderful experience being part of teenage boys getting initiated and blessed for being on their journey to manhood.
The landscape in Sedona is visually breath taking, the red rocks rising from the ground to meet the deep blue sky, the multi colored rock formations reminding us that all of that area was under water not too terribly long ago and on top of all that, 1,700 year old trees. I will let the images speak for themselves...

This tree is not the oldest but the energy it put off was incredible.

Moon rise


1,700 + year old tree. The age can be determined by the "alligator" bark.



Mountain XPress

Nice to get some good press form the Independent Music Award in the Mountain Xpress:

PUSH Asheville Fashion Show

Greetings rock stars and slaves to fashion... this one is all for you!
Last Friday I spent the night with 30 beautiful women, rockin music and killer threads and it was all in the garage! Actually, it was the PUSH Asheville inaugural fashion show at The Garage in Biltmore with Jen and Juice providing some great jams.
The PUSH Asheville Fashion show showcased local designers and encouraged everyone to go support local thread shops. The models were wearing clothes from all local shops like, Hunk, Union, Frock, Hip Replacements and the Honey Pot to name a few. There was standing room only at the Garage as they models strutted their stuff on the cat walk.
It was great to see Asheville supporting a locally driven fashion show, I am sure it quieted several nay-sayers regarding Asheville's ability to host a fashion show. The energy in the room was high, the support great and I am already looking forward to next years show!
Enjoy the images... If you want to see the all the images from the show go to then click on link #3 Performance Images, then PUSH Asheville.

Dancer from Asheville Dance Revolution

A dancer from Asheville Dance Revolution gets the crowd warmed up with some high flying dance.

Jen from Jen and the Juice... love the hat!

Local fashion, who says the men can't look stylish!

More local fashion...

Pink pants are back! (I guess they never really went away)