As the project progresses...

As I continue on with my 365 project, I find myself searching for new ways to process my images to make them more visually appealing. This comes from both a desire have my images stand out and the fact that some days I take some pretty boring pictures.
There have been a couple of days already that I have remembered to shoot something at the close of day, almost missing my self imposed deadline of an image a day. I haven't fully missed one yet... but I have come close. The few times that this has happened, I have found that I have not felt good about the image OOC (out of camera) and have felt a need to spend more time in post production enhancing the image. This is both good and bad. It is good because I am learning new ways to process my images and bad because it takes more time to get the image ready for viewing... and time is something I could use more of.
That being what it is, I like the way this image came out a lot. I spent some time in Photoshop working it over and like the texture quite a bit. I feel that the colors, texture and edge burning really brought the image to the place that I saw it in m mind's eye and that is what I am after.

Early morning light through the trees off my deck.

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