365 Project

Greetings 2009!

As it is a brand spanking New Year, I am incorporating new projects into my life, both personally and photographically.

Photographically speaking, I often find myself so busy with the work that I have that I forget to make time to go out and shoot for the fun of it. Well, since I have recently purchased a Canon G10 I now have a great small manual camera that has lots of resolution, a great optically stabilized zoom and fits in my pocket. Too often in the past I did not bring my Pro Slr (that's Single Lens Reflex for those who want to know) the Canon EOS ID Mark III out with me when I went to lunch, or to pay my taxes, or to walk around with friends due to it's size and weight. Therefore, like the proverbial cobbler's child, I didn't have pictures of my day to day adventures, nor was I shooting candids for the fun of it. Well that way of life is so 2008, and I'm over it.

Welcome the 365 Project!
I plan to take a picture a day for a year. This means that I will, no matter what, take at least one picture each day for a whole year. I feel confident that this will remind me why I love photography so much, hone my skills and produce some wonderful images of the world I live in. The great thing about it is, you get to be part of it as well! I plan to post most of the images here (notice I said "most" and not "all") and am encouraging all of you to give me feedback on the images. Drop me a comment, send me an email, throw up an emoticon, link me, however you feel inclined to participate, all of it is welcome.

So, in the spirit of new beginnings, I am posting 3 of the 6 images I have snapped this year so far, below. I look forward to your feedback!

Happy 2009 everyone!

January 04, 2009
Buddha with Light and Shadow

January 05, 2009
Golden Staircase (coming back from paying my biz taxes)

January 06, 2009
View from Baird Mountain (where I live)

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