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Subject: LIT/CLC Inactive status as of 2017


This is long--read it all. And yes, there is information in this note for the Mentors. If you have any questions to the below, I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

FIRST:  If you are an LIT or CLC that I have NOT already spoken to about going inactive (we are no longer using sabbatical), and you intend stay inactive on this list, here are your instructions:
              1) Notify me and your Mentor of your intention.
              2) I invite you to check out on the Leader Talk list as you are a part of the entire circle.
              3) I strongly invite you to check out with your local community and/or leader council. 

Once I have your notification, I will advise Keith Jarvis to leave your status as inactive. And always know that there is a place at the table when you are ready to return to the circle.

SECOND: If your want is to get back into right account and be active again, the following is your process:
  1. I need a written letter from your Mentor that you have his approval to move forward. NOTE: Some of you have a Full Leader or an INACTIVE Certified man as your official mentor. The current requirements are that each CLC should have a Certified Co-Leader as his official Mentor. You should be in the process of looking for a Co-Leader Mentor. HOWEVER--If your official Mentor is Inactive, you must first find a new, active Co-Leader mentor and he will have to approve you to move forward. 
  2. I invite you to do a hot seat with your local Community or Leader Council and get their blessing. NOTE: Based on the system information, a number of you missed your 2016 Hot Seat, which is also another requirement to remain active. If this is correct, then I strongly encourage you to do your Hot seat now in 2017 which will be good for 2 years. You will need to update your information as part of this process. If you did your hot seat in 2016 as was required, but did not update the system, then you will need to notify me of that in the letter from your Mentor. If your hot seat is due in 2017, then I STRONGLY invite you to do it now as a part of this process, and it will be good for 2 years.
  3. If your Hot Seat was done in 2016, and the system is updated showing a 2018 time frame for your next hot seat, then at the very least, you have may an accountability piece with your Community and/or your Leader Council. As a LIT/CLC you've made a commitment to them both, as a man on the leadership path, that was not kept (consciously or unconsciously) by missing this deadline.
  4. Let me know via e-mail or through your mentor's letter that you have done a hot seat.
Once I receive the letters and required information for you to go Active again, I will send you an e-mail confirming your movement back to Active. I will also provide you with the instructions on how to make your payment for the fee renewal. Those will be sent under separate cover to each man.

To the Mentors: I am projecting that you may have not had any idea that some of your mentees were going to go inactive or even went inactive. I would like to change that in the future. At the least, you would know if a man missed the first deadline, and if so, I would hope that it would generate some conversation between you about what is going on in the man's life. And to miss the second deadline--you have an idea of what will need to be done now. I am still working on this issue to find a way to let the men and the mentors know of the status.

Overall, this is about 1/2 of the men who missed the January 31st deadline. I sent out an e-mail to men on January 19th--that woke up a number of them. But not all. A final notice on January 31st from Keith Jarvis caught some additional men as well.

For those Mentors on this list who are Inactive, please get with these men and offer some support on where they might look for a new mentor.

Chris Cefalu
Soaring Ram
NALB LIT/CLC Coordinator
Co-Leader, FLC


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