Hope and Alan's engagement images

What fun I had shooting Hope and Alan's engagement images 2 weeks ago! As you may know, I first met Hope and Alan when they came to the Asheville area 2 years ago on vacation when they first started dating. They invited me to their vacation cabin to shoot some images of them as Alan was stationed in Afghanistan and was going back soon and Hope didn't want to miss the opportunity to get some images with her sweetie.  
Well, fast forward to 2010 and Alan has rotated back to the states, which makes Hope a happy lady! What makes Hope even happier is that Alan proposed to her! I knew he would from the first moment I saw them together, they are so in love, their joy and happiness simply fills the room, or the street...!
So, Hope and Alan drove down from Camp Lejeune (where Alan is stationed and a 6 hour drive) to come to Asheville to have me shoot their engagement images and we had a great day together! We walked around, stopped into the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, had lunch at the Lexington Avenue Brewery and went to the veterans memorial in Pack Park. As we cruised around downtown enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, I was consistently taken by how in love these two are. I will let the images speak for themselves..
   Under the stunning Bradford Pear tree in bloom...

 A quick stop for a hug as we walked to the Chocolate Lounge
  Hope has Alan right where she wants him!
 How can you not have a good time at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge! 
 I love how content Hope looks in Alan's arms... too sweet!
Hope giving the railing a slide... how could she resist?
 It is not hard at all to get these two to show some affection for the camera!
 Had to grab a shot with the classic truck... 
   No caption needed :)
 Alan showing his love for Nebraska... his home town. 

 Hope wanted to make sure she got a couple of shots with Alan in his dress blues... We walked down to the veterans memorial as we thought it was a fitting place to shoot and captured some wonderful images... this is one of my favorites.

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Anonymous said...

Jon- once again you have way out done yourself on these pictures:) they have turned out amazing as i knew they would and I'm super excited to see how the rest turned out!!! i think one of my favorites in the ones you posted would be the one in his Blues:) You are such an awesome photographer....i dont have enough words to describe how awesome you are:) Thanks for a fun and amazing day full of life, love, and tons of laughter! look forward to seeing you again soon for the wedding.