Back From Missoula

I have returned from a hot 12 days traveling around Montana with my friend Chris. We spent two days in Yellowstone, 2 days in Seattle and the remainder in Missoula.
The two days spent in Yellowstone was less than optimal, it rained pretty much non stop for both days. It did stop once, long enough for us to think that it was done raining, and to go for a 5 mile hike. However, it started raining again (raining in Biblical proportions) about half way through, and we had the unique pleasure of hiking the rest of the way with all of our camera gear in ankle deep water. Nothing spells excitement like coming out of the woods into a large field carrying a tripod in a lightning storm. We did not get to see as much wildlife as we would have wanted to due to the rain, but the bison are always nice enough to pose for a couple of candid shots.

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